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Managing Your Business: The Gyroscope Effect

…or a business owner’s attempt to manage when all my plates are spinning in the air! 

The following is a guest post from Caroline Broad, owner of Broad Associates Ltd.

CBLCarolineBroadI have found that working for myself requires the key skill of plate spinning. (I haven’t used the juggling analogy because I can’t juggle, but spinning plates…)

As I’ve found, finding ways to be more focused, in balance with creating stress-reducing breaks, will make you more efficient. I can break up my day with a walk or a quick chat with the postman. However, not everyone works from home.So, how can you reduce stress and increase productivity  if you work from home, an office or a coworking space,

How about trying one of these:

1. For the first two hours of the day, close your email and turn notifications off on your devices.
2. Write your to-do list using coloured pens. Highlight urgent and important tasks and prioritse accordingly.
3. Limit yourself to blocks of an hour for emails and quick phone calls, then get down to the task that is going to make a difference to your core objectives – Achieving the quick jobs make me feel better, but sometimes they take all day and end up becoming a procrastination technique.
4. Timetable social activities and work ‘in between’. You will be much more motivated to get tasks completed knowing you are heading towards that cuppa with your colleague that you’ve not spoken to in weeks.

Why should I?

• “We loose 2.1 hours of productivity a day with email distraction” – Basex
• ‘Successful’ people start their day working on the task that is going to have the most impact and not by checking their emails” – Julie Morgenstern
• “Top two distractions in the work place? – gossip and emails” – The Metro. So, timetable in a chat, that isn’t about work, and get the job done in between!

I think it is worth a week’s commitment to changing your habits and create your own evidence as to whether these approaches work for you.

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What Is The Workplace Revolution?

Coworking spaces are curating a form of social animation and engagement, in the way that the 18th Century coffee houses did the same.

As this clip from BBC Radio 4 teaches us, coworking is a alternative to working from home that increases productivity. It allows corporate refugees to work nearer to home and improve their work/life balance, and also provides a platform for social interaction with like minded professionals. A concept that working from home simply doesn’t provide.

If you haven’t tried coworking yet, then give it a go.

If you’re in or around Cambridge, then get in touch at info@cambridgebusinesslounge or 01223 324040, and learn how you could try out coworking at Cambridge Business Lounge for free!!