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Why We Opened a Coworking Space: Reason 268

Often, we hear stories of how business owners have benefited from spending time at CBL. So, although this may not be the 268th blog on the topic, it could have been. Right, on with the story…

Recently, one of our members came in for the day looking very forlorn and dispirited. The reason was that one of their own client’s had been causing unnecessary pain about disputed work, which stemmed from an unpaid bill. Our member knew they would never receive money for the work they had done.

As a result, they visited CBL for the empathetic support often only found from other business owners.

The following is in their own words…

I felt the need to be surrounded by like-minded people, who would be able not only to provide advice about the way to handle this but also to understand exactly what these situations feel like when it is your own business. I could have chosen to go through it alone but I wouldn’t have recovered so fast and so positively.

Where do you turn to when you feel dispirited about your business? Or when your motivation is challenged?

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How Coworking Supports The Growth of Every Business Who Uses It

I once attended a Speed Networking event with 24 other business owners. If you have never been to one, speed networking is where you spend 60 seconds sat in front of someone else telling them all about your business. On the sound of a bell, the person opposite you gets their 60 seconds to do the same. The process is then repeated until everyone in the room has briefly met everyone else.

CaptureOut of the other 24 in the room, I remembered the names of 3 of them, and that’s only because I knew 2 of them before the event. The third member is the focus of this story, and his name is Gavin. I met Gavin just a few minutes before the event when we spoke about, primarily, the accountancy firm that he worked for.

This meant, as far as I was concerned, that when we spoke during the speed networking session, we didn’t need to talk about the business. At this point I said to him “We’ve done the sales pitch, tell me about yourself.”

Everyone said there farewells after the event and we all went our separate ways.

About 3 weeks later, I met Gavin at Cambridge Business Lounge when he unexpectedly stopped by to see me. Apparently, I had sparked a fire within him. “I was lying on the beach in Skiathos and thought of you” he said, rather flatteringly. “The words ‘tell me about yourself’ kept ringing in my ears. So, I’ve quit my job and have now started my own business” Wow! I didn’t see that coming. What had I done?

Thankfully, a year later, he doesn’t regret it for a second.

When Gavin first joined our coworking community, he had a company name, email and mobile number. What he didn’t have was a logo or any business cards. (The necessity of these are for another time, but they were important to Gavin. )

A few of our coworkers then got together to design a logo and then order the cards. Just to recap, Gavin went from no logo or business cards to having both…in his hand…all within 48hrs. This, he says, was only possible because of coworking.

What Gavin knows about accountancy has been hugely beneficial to the other businesses in the room. What they know about IT, Marketing, Networking, etc, has been invaluable to Gavin. This is just another example of why we opened this place as coworking allows you to focus on growing your own business, while working in an environment where there are others trying to do the same. The key benefit is that everyone helps everyone to achieve that growth. In what other physical environment can that happen?

Coworking supports the growth of every business who uses it and this story stands as just one example of how.

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