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A Day in the Life of a Co-worker

Gavin Rankine, Accounts Tax Plus, works for himself. Every day, he cycles to Cambridge Business Lounge, whatever the weather, despite having a purpose built office at home.

So why does he go to all this trouble? Why bother commuting at all? What does coworking really offer Gavin that working from home doesn’t?

Watch “A day in the life of a coworker” to hear Gavin answer these questions as well as explain the benefits of working for yourself but not by yourself.

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Collaborating or Social Interaction is Not The Priority of People Who Use Coworking Spaces

Let’s cut to the chase; freelancers and other business owners use coworking spaces to work on their own business. Whether it’s bookkeeping, coding, or planning, the most important thing for them is using the space to maximise their level of productivity.

IMG_0127The ability to help someone else with their query, or vice versa, or meet someone new that could spark a new direction for either business is a by-product and benefit of the time spent there. So, although coworking evokes collaboration and a professional community, and rightly so, the vast majority of time spent by any user of a coworking space is on their own business. With this in mind, how can coworking be coworking?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes coworking as “The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge”
Although the ‘by-product’ that I mentioned represents a small amount of time spent at a coworking space, that time can prove so valuable to so many. One co-worker, who was booked in to work from St Ives Business Lounge for the whole day, left at 3pm because he’d already achieved more work then he needed to. While he was there, he also had time to engage in general conversations, meet new local contacts and exchange support and advice with other business owners.

Imagine if, while working on your own business, you could receive or give support with the other businesses in a coworking space, remove the isolation challenge that working from home gives, all while exceeding your goals for the day and being more productive. Most people who use coworking spaces experience these benefits for themselves.

Coworking or collaborating may not be the main priority of people who use coworking spaces, but it’s a brilliant benefit that is worth you experiencing for yourself.

How would you rename ‘coworking’?

What encourages you or stops you from trying it out?

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