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The Pros and Cons of Working From a Coworking Space

cambridge-business-lounge-co-workingFlexible workspace, coworking, or hot-desking. Call it what you like, the concept of working in a shared office with other business owners and professionals is a fast growing one. Which means that the more you know about it, the more informed you’ll be to know whether it could actually be of benefit to you and your business. 

In April 2014, the Coworking Handbook was published to help those who are wanting to create a space for local businesses and freelancers to use. However, in the book are some benefits and disadvantages that almost every business owner would benefit from knowing. Here is a selection:

The Advantages of Coworking:

  • Expand your personal and professional networks
  • Find new clients and grow your income
  • Be more productive
  • No distractions from family members, or temptations from the fridge or TV
  • Share with soundboards that will improve your projects
  • Be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you
  • Be more creative
  • Get a professional working routine with your own schedule
  • Work by yourself, not alone

For the purpose of balance, here are some disadvantages:

  • I work better from home – Maybe coworking isn’t for you, but have you tried it (we have a free day on offer if you haven’t. Also, could coworking even one a week be of benefit? e.g. How many contacts do you make at home?
  • I don’t want to share my projectYou don’t have to share anything. Just being around others can provide the benefits listed above. 
  • You have to pay You get a lot of value for little money. Plus, as listed above, there are a lot of benefits.
  • You have to commute There are more and more coworking spaces opening every year. So, find a space that is near to you and that you like.


Really, there’s only one way to find out how beneficial coworking could be for you, and that is to try it for yourself.

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