Ed’s Top Tips: Tip 10 – Anytime is the right time to start a business

Tip 10- Anytime is the right time to start a business

Ed Goodman, business mentor, author, and co-founder of Cambridge Business Lounge, presents Ed’s Top Tips – a series of short and useful guides for starting and running a business. This week: Anytime is the right time to start a business.

In 2016 80 companies per hour were started. That’s a lot of companies. It’s a really good illustration that prospective business owners aren’t letting outside factors like the economy or politics get in the way of making their dream become a reality.  Research from StartUp Britain, a Government-backed national enterprise campaign, shows 342,927 new businesses were registered with Companies House between January and June, compared with 608,110 for the whole of 2015, itself a record year.

Watch the video where Ed explains right now is the best time to start your business:

Action Point:
What are you going to do to start your business? Here are a couple of suggestions which could help you on your way.
  1. Come and visit us! We love meeting new businesses and making new connections. We’ll even make you a cup of tea or coffee. If you’re not in the local area you can always reach out to us via email or social media.
  2. Get out there and meet people. You can use websites like Meetup or Eventbrite to see what’s going on in your local area. Find an event which looks like your thing and go to it.
  3. Seek advice. Talk your ideas over with a business mentor or someone who runs their own business. Try to avoid speaking to friends and family who can be biased in their views.

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