Ed’s Top Tips – Tip 12- Just get on with it!

Tip 12- Just get on with it!

Ed Goodman, business mentor, author and co-founder of Cambridge Business Lounge, presents Ed’s Top Tips – a series of short and useful guides for starting and running a business. This week’s final topic: Just get on with it!

It’s a little sad as we’ve come to the end of our series of Ed’s Top Tips. I hope you’ve found these tips invaluable pieces of information and helped you understand starting and running a business a little better from when you began. You’re going to make mistakes which are a good thing because this experience is a massive learning curve.

Embrace the fact that you don’t know, what you don’t know. As time passes you’ll gain more experience and develop your skills. It’s now time to end your planning and research and get on with running your business. Here are some words of encouragement from Ed:

There you have it. It’s time to take that step forward and get on with running your business. You can always revisit these blogs or watch a full playlist of all the videos here.

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