Full of Surprises – What is the key to good communication?


This is guest post from Communication Coach, Jon Torrens

What is the key to good communication? 

Is it clarity? Brevity? Sincerity? Well, certainly those are all important (and people who have mastered them will give great presentations and network more smoothly than Bradley Cooper in an Armani dressing gown). However, I believe those elements can be trumped by something else:


Being able to surprise people is vital in communication if you’re to keep people engaged. If slick, well-dressed, professional speaker/presenter/networker #1 is saying conventional things with the same old perspective as everyone else, then shabby, shambolic speaker/presenter/networker #2 will outshine them by simply saying (pleasant) things that people don’t expect, with an unusual angle. If they also toss in some humour, then boom! #1 is forgotten, gone, a relic.

(And don’t think for a moment you can’t be original or creative. We all have creativity inside us, and under the right circumstances, it will flow naturally. What you have to do is find the way to let it do just that. It might be by putting yourself under pressure, it might be by removing all pressure; whatever it is, find it.)

Some people have watched hundreds of presentations and been to hundreds of networking events. They’ve got used to the expected phrases, patterns and styles, and as soon as they experience them again, their souls start to wither. Be original, and you’ll add a little spark to the proceedings.

Win the crowd. Give them something they have never seen before.

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