How co-working feels at Cambridge Business Lounge

Here is a blog, kindly written by Helen Reinson of IT Hummingbird who tried out co-working for the first time recently. If you’ve never heard of co-working or are curious about how it works, this will give you a good insight…

I’m finally sitting in the newly opened serviced offices in Cambridge, the Cambridge Business Lounge, and would love to say I’m    pleasantly surprised. But the truth is – I’m not. After getting to know Ed Goodman, one of the co-directors of the CBL, and seeing the effort, detail and planning he ploughed into the new serviced offices in Cambridge; and then meeting the other co-director Nicky, my expectations were set extremely high. I can honestly say I’ve not been disappointed.

The Cambridge Business Lounge provides serviced offices in the centre of Cambridge with a real difference, I believe for the following factors:

Co-Working Ethos

The serviced offices Cambridge Business Lounge offer is based around the co-working ethos. A workplace for business collaboration, networking and shared support within the community. Perfect for small and micro businesses that might otherwise work in isolation.

Apart from giving small businesses the feeling that they’re not alone, this hub of diverse business activity provides an environment where skills and knowledge amongst co-workers is effortlessly shared at the same time as providing a professional workspace.

Professionalism, Warmth and Personality

The facilities at the Cambridge Business Lounge are excellent and of a corporate quality. This can be seen in the office furniture, professional staff and even the coffee. The wifi speed is an impressive 36 Mbps download -and 18 Mbps upload (thanks to IT solution provider KTS) which is a must for any business in the digital times we live in. Especially for those working with technology or are regular users of video conferencing.

But what I find especially pleasing about these serviced offices in Cambridge is the warmth and personality which permeates throughout; from the warm welcome into the open plan office space through to the separate training and meeting rooms. The Cambridge Business Lounge is not one of the characterless serviced offices you may have come across already; it is a personal and inviting office environment with a keen sense of professionalism.

Central Location

Situated on Burleigh Street these serviced offices in Cambridge are ideally central which give many advantages;

  • Easy to get to
  • Great catchment area for other local businesses
  • Central Cambridge CB1 postal address
  • Convenient for popping out at lunch times or for coffee

Training and Business Support

Training rooms are available to rent by the hour or the day for the hosting of your own training events. The Cambridge Business Lounge also have planned training sessions to support small and start up businesses.

In addition there are business support services on offer such as general administration tasks and a virtual receptionist service, invaluable for small businesses that want to portray a more corporate and professional image.

For some small businesses, serviced offices such as these will provide a supportive environment conducive to business growth and success, at a very reasonable price. I also believe that for some, having a dedicated place of work to travel to each day will provide the self-discipline and motivation needed for a happy and productive work life, if not survival.

I must confess that I, myself, am happy and productive working from my home study, especially after 30 years of working in a very corporate environment. But there are advantages in the Cambridge Business Lounge I can certainly see myself and others like me taking up, such as:

  • Professional training facilities to host events
  • A central and credible location for business meetings (a feature that home or the local coffee shop cannot provide)
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Occasional office desk in a collaborative environment

In fact I think I’ll go and speak to Ed and Nicky right now about booking my next planned co-working session, probably for the 31st January to coincide with Richard Wishart’s Google+ training seminar. Not forgetting the training event I’d like to run next month, an introduction to Social Media for the C-Suite.