Implementing Document Management Systems (DMS)

The following is a guest blog from Sue Hunt, Head of Marketing at Cognidox…

While co-working facilities offer advantages to business start-ups in social and financial terms, “anywhere working” makes it more difficult for business owners to keep track of their corporate documentation.

If important files such as client proposals, technical notes or legal NDAs, created by remote workers on different devices are not backed up, companies could end up losing precious data if these devices are lost, stolen, or tampered with. Document management systems remove this worry. Not only will staff have access to relevant information at the click of a mouse, they spend less time looking for documents they know thedocument-managementy’ve received but can’t remember where they’ve stored them (if they’ve stored them).

The thought of implementing a document management system can be daunting or perceived as a waste of time but rest assured it is neither. If you follow some basic guidelines, your DMS will make your staff more productive, your file management processes more streamlined, resulting in improved efficiency overall. If you don’t, it could end up being an expensive “white elephant.”

Consider these points:

• Don’t be fooled by the term “Free”– once you’ve read the small print you’ll soon realise there are a number of hidden costs– usually relating to licensing or storage – that can soon mount up.

• Does your chosen solution include data encryption, user authentication, or digital watermarking for security or tracking purposes?

• Consider the types of documents you are dealing with – financial or legal documents, for example, must be managed in accordance with industry legislation and/or standards

• Does it include search facilities? – if not your chosen system will be no more efficient than email

• What about file management and version control? – important for managing software updates or technical documentation

• Document management systems are not file sharing systems, make sure that you understand the differences

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