Cambridge’s Favourite Networking Event – The Results


Networking is a veritable sport in Cambridge. It appears at first glance that there’s an event on every night, each appealing to its own niche. There are formal events, informal, breakfast, evening, events for creatives and events for programmers. What is for sure is that there is a networking event for every employed and self-employed professional in the city.

Recently, we started a search to find the city’s favourite networking event (if you want to see them all, then click here) and here are the results from over 300 votes with a selection of the comments attributed to them…

  1. Connected Cambridge

“Less than 50 attendees, good speakers, well organised.”

“Well curated, accessible small scale events with good networking potential”

“Variety of people & interests”


  1. Drive the Network

“No pressure (everyone is of the same mind when it comes to not selling at you), fantastic speakers, great mix of attendees”

“Well organised yet informal; great support network that goes beyond the regular meetings; sharing of information and experiences; building trust through relationships, resulting in business and recommendations. Great speakers at monthly events.”

“I love the fact no one thrusts a business card. One is always greeted with a smile. Everyone is engaging and wants you and your business to succeed. It’s collaborative and has an amazing online community too.”


  1. Cambridge WordPress Meetup

“Stimulating range of topics, people, skill-levels, experiences.”

“Very relevant to my needs; good attendance; good mix of different skill levels”

“Got me out from behind the computer and out of my shell.”


  1. Cambridge 100 Club

“Because the attendees are very well connected and are not usually found on the usual Cambridge network circuit.”

“Convivial, educational & always enjoyable”

“Perfect mix of speakers, location and great food.”


  1. Numitas Cambridge CFO Club

“Informal style, first class speakers and only for CFOs!”

“Entrepreneurial Guest Speakers, convenient time of events, calibrate of other attendees and close match of skills, informative, informal and fun”

“Informative and relevant speakers, convenient time event held, good locations”


  1. Cambridge Network

“Best range of networking”

“They offer a relaxed professional environment with relevant topics”

“Speakers, range of topics, numbers who attend, timings”


  1. Pitch & Mix

“Intimate peer-to-peer group which gives valuable contacts and/or ideas each meeting”

“I thought the debates were more thought provoking and you were not just sitting through various sales pitches”

“It’s a useful forum for sharing and discussing relevant issues – excellent format – short and to the point and excellent networking opportunities. Benefits without a price tag – just valuable connections and advice.”


  1. CamCreatives

“Unique speakers each month, really supportive and friendly group, great organisation and amazing coffee from Hot Numbers!”

“A wide-ranging event which attracts a broad mix of people; always a good mix of new and familiar faces”

“The talks are always interesting, the people are supportive and welcoming – the group feels ‘real’.”


  1. JCI Cambridge

“Friendly networking group for young professionals. Run by member for it members and offer awesome local, national and international events.”

“Unlike other networking groups, JCI members seem genuinely interested in meeting new people and learning new things, rather than simply assessing what value you could have to them. Basically, being valued as a person rather than as a step on the ladder. I’ve met some fascinating people and had some brilliant discussions at their events, without ever questioning my right to be there because (with my very niche job) I bring very little to the table in terms of traditional networking “benefits”

“It has a great bunch of friendly and welcoming members. There’s also a huge diversity of regular social and personal development events to get involved in!”

and the winner is…


  1. Cambridge Marketing Meetup

“Joe is an amazing host, the talks are always interesting and the people aren’t there just to pitch to you.”

“Joe has created a fantastic event, full of insightful speakers and kind chatty people. The marketing meetup should be the one all marketers in Cambridgeshire go to.”

“Informative, entertaining, inclusive, friendly, great networking opportunities and great social media interaction for ongoing business opportunities.”

Okay, so our Cambridge Business Owners’ Mastermind Group didn’t make the top ten, but with this feedback, we’re still happy:

“I love it, I love the support you get and I love supporting others. How to build relationships that are powerful and showcase your knowledge and experience indirectly and without sales links.”

“Great community of small business owners truly supporting each other! This is the best support group you as a freelancer/business owner will ever need!”

Thank you to everyone who voted. It’s not the most scientific of studies, but we hope this has given you a greater insight into some of the more populart events in the city. 

You can also access the latest version of the Definitive List of Networking Events in Cambridge here