It’s Okay To Ask For Help For Your Business

helpStarting a business can be an extraordinarily exciting, yet daunting experience and the need for peer to peer support is greater than ever…

One morning, a boy was playing in his sandbox with his box of cars and trucks, his plastic pail, and a shiny, red plastic shovel. In the process of creating roads and tunnels, he discovered a large rock in the middle of the sandbox and, with a little bit of struggle, he pushed and nudged the large rock across the sandbox by using his feet. However, when the boy got the rock to the edge of the sandbox, he found that he couldn’t roll it up and over the wall.

Determined, the boy shoved, pushed, and pried, but every time he thought he had made some progress, the rock tipped and then fell back into the sandbox.

All this time the boy’s father watched from his living room window as the drama unfolded and, at the moment his tears fell, a large shadow fell across the boy and the sandbox.

Gently, but firmly, the father said, “Son, why didn’t you use all the strength that you had available?” Defeated, the boy sobbed back, “But I did, Daddy, I did! I used all the strength that I had!”

“No, son,” corrected the father kindly. “You didn’t use all the strength you had. You didn’t ask me.” and, with that, the father reached down, picked up the rock and removed it from the sandbox.

I have absolutely no doubt that you are great at what you do and that you are incredibly passionate about the products or services that you offer. But what don’t you know? And what is stopping you from getting your rock over the wall? I suspect that many don’t ask for help because pride gets in the way, or that we don’t know who to ask outside of traditional businesses like accountants or solicitors. Or maybe because a mental cry for help is closely followed by “but I wonder what it will cost me”.

But there is so much more help out there. In fact, at the time of writing, almost ¼ million businesses started up in the UK* this year alone and many will be sharing the same challenges and feeling the same frustrations.  So, get out there to networking events and coworking spaces; find other start-up businesses, whatever their industry, and support each other. You’ll be amazed how quickly your rock is removed and how much it will help your business to grow.

” Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller